Hacky Baby8 Sync Mod

Recently a customer asked if multiple baby8 sequencers could be synced. Well they can.. sort of.. only with certain settings and a pretty hacky mod. I’ve written this guide in case anyone else was interested.

To start, you’ll need at least 2 built baby8 sequencers and a 3.5mm mono cable.

Cut the mono cable in half and strip. Twist and form the cable so that the ground/shield will easily reach the clock input ground connection (outermost pin) and likewise the tip connection should reach the middle pin.

When happy apply a small amount of solder to the formed wires to ‘tin’ them.

Solder the wires onto the pads as shown. The outer pad is ground and the central pad is the tip connection.

This baby8 will now act as a master when plugged into another baby8’s clock input jack.

To get them working in unison it takes a bit of patience, the best way I found was to slow down the master clock, put the slaved baby8 in reset mode and set it to a single step. When the master step is in line with step one, release the reset and they should be ‘synced’.