Enjoy Our Personal Service

Being a small family business enables us to provide a flexible, personal service to our customers including bulk discount prices for clubs and workshops. Because we design and package all our kits ourselves here in the UK we can even adjust the kit contents to suit your individual needs!

What’s Next For Rakit?

With the imminent release of our latest project, the Rakit Drum Synth, it stands to reason that our next kit will follow along the same lines and we are currently working on designs for a complimentary ‘Clapper’ module. We will also be improving the compatibility of the Deluxe APC with the Baby8 Sequencer in the next revision of the Deluxe APC to add a similar extension strip to that already included on the Mini APC.  

Get In Touch!

Do you have an exciting/unique idea of something you’d like to see in a kit format that you can’t get anywhere else or at a sensible price? We welcome all ideas – plus if we make it we’ll send you one for free as a thank you!