Anyone can write a blog post for Rakit. We’ll tell our Newsletter subscribers about it and share it on social media. So whether you’re running a group that you want to tell everyone about, you want to shamelessly promote a gig you have coming up, or perhaps you’re just an average Joe whose family and friends are  sick to death of hearing about your latest sonic escapades… Tell someone who gives a shit – us!


*Keep swearing to a minimum
*No links to anything rude/inappropriate
*No direct advertising of products, including Rakit stuff! (talking about gear in the context of set-ups and sounds is OK)
*By sending us video/audio/image files you are agreeing for us to host and share these as required for the promotion of your post.


There are no hard and fast rules over what you can write about. If you are unsure about whether your chosen subject is appropriate, contact us here.

*Your chosen profile name
*Photo/profile pic of your choice
*Your inspiration (include links to videos and websites)
*How you built certain sounds

*How you settled on a certain set-up, what else you tried to get there
*Photos – the more the better!
*Your videos/sounds clips (see below on ‘how to send’ for further info)
*News/dates of upcoming gigs/events – promote yourself!
*Where people can find you (if you want them to!) Instagram, Facebook, X handles.

Please let us know whether you want people to be able to comment/ask questions on your post.

How to submit your post:

You can use a basic text editor like Word, Google docs, WordPad or Notepad to lay out the text for your post.

*If your text editor makes in particularly tricky to add links in the usual way, you can indicate them like so:
Highlight the text that you want to become the link in yellow and write the link directly afterwards enclosed in brackets:

here is an example of how to show where you want your link ( to appear in your text

*Indicate where to include photos/videos/sound files by inserting the file name in brackets where you want the media to be placed:

Here is a photo of before
(I _love_knobs.jpg)
and here is what it looked like after

Please send us an email with your text document attached. You can send your videos, photos and sound files via Dropbox/ WeTransfer / Google Drive etc to:

We look forward to hearing from you!!