All 9 Leds in.

Push the wires of the battery snap through the unplated hole on the leftmost side of the PCB.

Tie a simple knot in the wires for some added strain relief.

Solder the wires into the board, the red wire (positive) should be at the edge of the PCB, the black wire (GND) should be furthest from the edge.

Insert the potentiometers into the board, some forming of the legs may be required to get a snug fit.

TIP: Locate and place the single 500k  frequency pot first (marked B504 on the bottom) before placing the remaining 9 10k pots (marked B103 on the bottom)

The solder does not need to completely fill the mechanical holes to be reliable but good wetting must be made between pad and pin.

Solder the Mono jacks on the underside of the PCB, they should snap onto the footprint site. Do not bend the pins.

Install the switch fitting snugly against the PCB.

Take the last 10k resistor and bend as shown, then trim the pins nice and short.

Solder the resistor between pins 7 & 8 of the 4093 IC.

(The two pins closest to the edge of the board, below the A)

By now your PCB should look like this with all the components added.


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