Drum Instructions - Polarised Capacitors
Take care to Install the polarity sensitive electrolytic capacitors. Short leg (-) Long leg (+)

Place the electrolytic capacitors ensuring the long leg (+) goes in the square pad and the short leg(-) and the white line on the capacitor is on the same side as the filled silkscreen .

Note: The electrolytic capacitors are polarity sensitive and will not work in the wrong orientation.*

*Although sometimes they work badly for a little while and then randomly fail.

A few capacitors placed as outlined above, nicely butted up to the PCB.

Drum Instructions - Polarised Capacitors Placed
All electrolytic capacitors placed.

All polarised capacitors placed.

Thread the spacers onto both the 3mm LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) and push them into the PCB short leg in the square pad.

Drum Instructions - LED Placement
Install LED and spacer with no gaps.

Make sure the spacer and led are at right angles to the PCB, there should be no gap or very little room for movement in the spacer.

Bend em!

All the resistors in this kit are installed vertically, to aid in insertion gently bend the leg round as shown.

If a slight angle is left on the leg as shown it will spring back after insertion and aid in soldering.

Note: Resistors are not polarity sensitive and can hence be installed any way around.

Additionally, once the resistor is inserted bending the legs outwards as shown will stop them dropping out during soldering.

A nicely seated resistor with the body in the silkscreen circle, not critical most of the time but might be useful in fault finding later on.

Use the interactive resistor map below, silkscreen or both to aid in placing the resistors.

All resistors installed.

Drum Instructions - Trimpots
These trimpots should snap fit into the PCB.

Two 50k Trimmers installed, should snap fit into the PCB.

Drum Instructions - Box Capacitors placed
Getting close now! All box capacitors installed.

All box capacitors installed.

Again, legs can be bent outwards to help during soldering and parts should be level and snug to the PCB.

Note: None of the box capacitors on this design are polarity sensitive and can hence be installed any way around.