The 5cm width of the Baby8 PCB meant this was, by happy accident, a perfect fit for a 10hp panel. (Click here for doepfer’s guide to panel sizes if you want to make your own!)

Dave marked and drilled out the holes on his blue perspex panel using a regular bit for the pot holes and a countersunk bit for the switch holes.

Some nice labelling added plus some extra screw holes for affixing the Baby8 to the panel and for the jacks. (Plus ahem an extra hole for the table!)

Dave has used his own panel mount jacks which he has connected to the PCB by soldering wires between the pads on the PCB and the corresponding pins on the jacks. He has also done away with the battery power connector and replaced this with his own connector for plugging into the main bus board.

All done and looking great in Dave’s Eurorack! We love his idea to use pieces of a WD40 straw to extend the little switches…perhaps some longer switches are called for in the next baby8 revision!

Check out Dave’s videos of the Baby8 in action below – We agree with him it’s cool being able to see the blue LEDs light up behind the panel!! You can check out this and all Dave’s other synth projects on his facebook page