Carefully check the markings on the electrolytic capacitors. The values 10uF & 100uF are marked on the side.

The minus sign (-) and the short leg indicate the negative side of the capacitor.

The long leg indicates the positive side.

Take care to insert the long leg (positive side) into the hole marked + with a square pad.

All polarised capacitors installed.

Install the power jack.

To get perfect alignment try using the same trick as used on the stereo sockets:

  • Solder 1 pin
  • Apply pressure and reheat joint
  • Allow to cool in correct position
  • Finish soldering the remaining pins

Install the switches.

Again, soldering 1 pin first can help with alignment.

Identify your potentiometers! There should be 4 x 100k log taper (A104/A100k) and one 10k linear taper (B103/B10k)

Install your potentiometers!

The potentiometers should fit snugly into thier mounting holes and flush with the PCBs surface.  

Screw in your black standoffs and plug in your battery… congratulations you are done!

Please scroll down for info on using your masterpiece!!  

Using your Rakimix in 5 simple steps


1. Mono & Stereo Jack configurations


4 x Mono, perfect!

1 x Stereo, 2 x Mono, outstanding!

Channel 1 > Tip/Left

Channel 2 > Ring/Right

 2 x Stereo, great!

Channel 1 > Tip/Left

Channel 2 > Ring/Right

Channel 3 > Tip/Left

Channel 4 > Ring/Right

2. Using The Auxiliary Input

This input can be used with any mono audio signal upto approx 4Vpp, the signal will be buffered and mixed with channels 1-4.

Any level adjustment of the auxiliary input signal should be done on the source device.

3. Level Control

Channels 1-4

Each channel has a level control which ranges from off (fully anti-clockwise) to +10dB gain (fully clockwise). Additionally each channel has a mute switch which can be
useful to keep a level setting but still mute the sound on an individual channel.

Master Level

The master level control is used to adjust the level of channels 1-4 but does not affect the auxiliary input.


4. Mixer Output

The mixer output signal is a mix of the 5 input channels transmitted to the tip and ring of a stereo output. A mono or stereo cable can be used on the output,
in case of a stereo connection both left and right signals will be identical.

5. Powering the Unit

Option A:

Get yourself a pp3 9V battery to use with the battery-barrel jack connector supplied in your kit for a mobile device.


Option B:

Should you wish to use your own power supply, please ensure it meets the following specifications:

+8V to +12V, Centre positive 2.1mm (centre) x 5.5mm (outside)


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