Baby You Can Bang My Drum: linking the baby8 & drum synth

The input and output connectors on the rakit drum synth and baby 8 sequencer are standard 3.5mm mono jack cables. There are a three interesting ways you can connect the baby8 to the drum synth:

CV Out ⇨ Pitch

Using just the pitch input allows you to get some interesting effects. The pitch control knob on the drum synth can be used as an offset on the input CV, you can transpose the entire sequence up or down in pitch.

Try using a fast sequence and trigger the drum by hand or some slow external trigger.

Gate ⇨ Trigger

Using just the trigger control allows you to set a consistent beat pattern. The baby8 can be setup to skip gate steps which can lead to some really lo fi drum loops.


Using both pitch and trigger inputs on the drum synth allows for some really quirky compositions comprised of low and high tones. Having both inputs connected to the baby8 allows for some fine tuning to both tempo and high low composition.

2 thoughts on “Baby You Can Bang My Drum: linking the baby8 & drum synth

  1. Ray says:

    Hi, I saw your products for the first time on eBay yesterday and wanted to buy some, so I just bought 2 baby sequencers the drum box, the Atari Punk console and also the luxury one!
    I hope I’ll get them very soon!
    I’m crazy about synthesizers and l want to go Analog now.
    I’m going to make one synthesizer with all the Rakit products that I bought just now and hope I can connect it with my Littlebits synthesizer, using the cv connection.
    I already have a few Atari Punk Consoles, 1 or 2 more isn’t…………….?

    • makearakit says:

      Hi Ray, we are going to ship your stuff as soon as we can (first thing monday). We always like to see customers creations, so keep in touch and send us some pictures.

      If you have any trouble interconnecting stuff, get in touch.
      Another APC couldn’t hurt 😀

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