Jazz up your knobs with a white line – the easy way!

Forget whatever complicated suggestions you may have heard about painting white lines with a superfine paint brush made from the hairs of a unicorn’s rear end. There is a much easier way to make your knobs look awesome!

Uni Paint Marker Pen Extra-Fine PX-203

Available to buy here at CultPens.com

This extra fine 0.8mm marker is the perfect size to paint inside that thin slit and comes in white, gold or silver. I have only tested the white version so cannot attest to the usability of the gold/silver pens. However I found the white pen to be more than up to the job. On first use it was slightly runny – as you would expect, so it’s definitely worth giving it a good shake and a quick scribble on some paper to make sure the ink is flowing nicely before applying it. I found that it needed 2 or 3 coats as it is slightly transparent. (I was perhaps being picky though!)

The drying time was between 30 to 60 seconds – not bad going compared to using acrylic paints which can take hours. This does mean you have to clean up any mistakes you make quickly before they dry on.

All in all a great little pen worth spending a couple of pounds on, especially if you use these types of potentiometers regularly for other projects.

Have you used anything similar or got your own method for ‘decorating’ your pots? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.